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School of
Multidimensional Awakening

Winter semester l January 9th to April 1st 2022 

The path of awakening to your multidimensional Self is one of deep transformation and, despite your Soul’s unshakable commitment to evolve towards its highest light, it can become a real challenge to understand and trust the unfoldment of it all.

When provided with the right kind of support and guidance, I know for a fact that every single student I meet has the power to expand their awareness into the multiple realms of consciousness.


I also believe your journey is completely unique and I created the School of Multidimensional Awakening to offer beautiful Soul’s like yours exactly what they need to reconnect with their cosmic roots.

Here, you will receive personalized teachings to help you navigate the unexpected twist and turns that arise as you transition towards multidimensional consciousness. Because let’s be honest, this amazing human adventure also leads us to travel on some pretty rocky roads!

Together, we will update old patterns of consciousness that are limiting your Soul’s evolution and I will teach you how tap into your own body’s energy language to understand it’s divine guidance. This exciting journey is all about sinking deeper into your true Self and learning how to trust in your own Light.

If you are looking to embody more fully the connection between your human Being and your Higher Self, I’m here to assist your process. You do not have to do this alone and I am ready to fuel you up with some serious empowerment!


Are you ready to blossom?

To pre-register or get more information,
please send me your name with your e-mail adress and I'll quickly get back to you! Thanks!

Semester's content

12 weeks of expansion | 12 students only

 Here's what you will receive | 2700.00$ cad

Each semester, my students choose their own learning trajectory and I tailor my teaching around their  specific needs. Therefor, when you register for one of my cohorts, you get a chance to explore any subject that is relevant to your process. Rooted in organic learning methods, the school’s personalized approach will provide you with fresh and exclusive content that will match specifically your personal development on a daily basis. Here's how it goes!

12 weekly workshops to explore in dept relevant themes to your Soul’s journey ( live on zoom every Thursday of the semester from 12h to13h30)


Ongoing access to Mylène’s mentorship and multidimensional team throughout the semester.

Exclusive access to a sacred space dedicated to learning and coevolution where you will have the opportunity to share within a private group your personal process as well as receive the support you soul needs to move towards your next big step.​


Tools, exercises, resources, inspiration and daily nourishment to support the expansion and expression of your true Self in between the live workshops ( soul journal, prompts, healing rituals, meditations and much more)​


Live channelings by Mylène to receive tailored guidance and teachings form your own personal divine team throughout the semester.


Exclusive and personalized energy activations intended to help your integrate your body and your heart’s multidimensional potentials on a human level.

A private session with Mylène to explore on a personal and deeper level one of the workshop’s themes that is relevant your soul’s journey (60 minutes).


An ongoing sharing circle, lots of laughter and play, a bundle of presence and listening and an exclusive access to a private Facebook group to share your experience with your coevolution partners.

​Recordings of the live workshops for your personal archives.

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